Organist and pianist Sean Jackson began his musical studies at the age of five and by the age of eleven had won his first gold medal in his country’s National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. In recognition of his outstanding contribution he was subsequently awarded the National Youth Award from the Barbados Government, and went on to receive numerous prizes and awards both at the undergraduate and graduate level including the Parratt, Walford Davies, and Geoffrey Tankard organ prizes, the Douglas Whittaker Chamber Music Prize all from the Royal College of Music; the A.H. Kuhn Memorial Scholarship, the 1999 William Schumann Prize, and the C.V. Starr Doctoral Fellowship from the Juilliard School. In 2004 Jackson graduated from The Juilliard School, New York, where he received both his Master of Music and Doctorate degrees. 

In October, 2000, while still a student at the Juilliard school, Jackson won an organ competition which entitled him to perform Stephen Paulus’s Organ Concerto with the Juilliard Symphony at the Alice Tully Hall and was featured again with the Juilliard Symphony at the Lincoln Center in November 2003 with a performance of the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony. He has performed as guest organist with the New York Youth Symphony in Carnegie Hall, was a featured artist in the International Concert Series at Trinity, Wall Street, and performed a solo concert at The Washington National Cathedral, 2006. 

Other highlights of his performance career include a performance before the Commonwealth conference of Ministers of Education, a debut performance at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, and a performance at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with violinist Stephen Clapp. He has served on the boards of both the New York City and Fairfield West Chapters of the American Guild of Organists, the latter for which he oversaw their online communications. Since 2012 he has been presenting concerts, workshops and masterclasses in Taipei, Taiwan as a featured guest of the Taipei Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. 

Jackson is featured in a number of recordings including his debut CD, Sean Jackson Plays Organ Favorites: Volume I, a second solo CD Organ Favorites: Volume 2, The Way, an album of vocal arias, spirituals and classics with soprano Meghan Joynt, as well as It Is Well With My Soul, a CD of spirituals and short violin works with Dean Emeritus of the Juilliard School, violinist Stephen Clapp, and soprano Amy Clapp Dye. In 2019 Jackson completed a three year project featuring weekly YouTube recordings of reharmonized hymns to correspond with each week in the church liturgical calendar year. The positive response to this venture inspired the creation of “Reharmonize”, an online hymn playing course for church organists. 

尚傑生(Sean Jackson) 出生於Barbados (加勒比海的巴貝多,小安第列斯群島的主權島嶼國家), 他是一位管風琴家及鋼琴家, 同時也是國際上出色的獨奏家和伴奏家, 演出遍及英國, 愛爾蘭, 德國, 台灣, 中國大陸, 加拿大, 美國及加勒比海。 Jackson從5歳就開始學習音樂, 11 歲時在該國的全國創意藝術獨立節上獲得了他的第一枚金牌。 為了表彰他的傑出貢獻, 他隨後獲得了巴貝多政府頒發的國家青年獎, 並在倫敦皇家音樂學院時獲得了無數獎項, 包括 Parratt, Walford Davies 和 Geoffrey Tankard 管風琴獎, Douglas Whittaker Chamber Music獎; 在紐約茱莉亞音樂學院時獲得了A.H. Kuhn紀念獎學金, 1999 年William Schumann獎和 C.V. Starr茱莉亞音樂學院博士獎學金。 

Jackson在1992 年離開了家郷, 到倫敦皇家音樂學院學習取得學士的學位; 接著於2004 年於美國紐約茱莉亞音樂學院完成碩士和博士學位。 在茱莉亞音樂學院求學期間, Jackson 獲得校內管風琴比賽的冠軍, 這也讓他擁有與茱莉亞交響樂團同台演出的資格, 曲目為 Stephen Paulus的管風琴協奏曲; 接著2003年11月, 於紐約林肯中心與樂團一同演出聖桑的管風琴交響曲; 2006 年, 他擔任紐約靑年交響樂團的特別嘉賓在卡內基音樂廳演出; 也曾在華盛頓國家大教堂舉辦個人獨奏音樂會, 演出經驗不計其數。 他表演生涯的其他亮點包括在英聯邦教育部長會議的表演, 在費城金梅爾中心 (Kimmel Center) 的首次表演以及與小提琴家 Stephen Clapp 在上海音樂學院的表演。他曾在美國管風琴協會紐約市和康洲 Fairfield West 分會的董事會任職並監督他們的線上交流 (Online Communications)。

自 2012 年起, 他作為美國管風琴協會台北分會的特邀嘉賓, 在台北舉辦音樂會, 工作坊和大師班。Jackson近期的作品包括他的首張 CD: Sean Jackson Plays Organ Favorites: Volume 1。第二張獨奏 CD: Organ Favorites: Volume 2。 另一張專輯The Way, 收錄了與女高音Meghan Joynt 合作的歌劇詠嘆調, 黑人靈歌以及古典樂曲的經典作品。還有一張專輯 It Is Well With My Soul, 是與茱莉亞音樂學院的名譽院長 (Dean Emeritus) 小提琴家 Stephen Clapp 和女高音 Amy Clapp Dye 合出了一張黑人靈歌和小提琴短曲的專輯。

2019 年, Jackson完成了一項為期三年的計劃, 每週在 YouTube 上錄製新編曲的讚美詩, 以配合教會禮拜每週的年曆。這個計劃創建了“Reharmonize”, 一個針對教堂管風琴師的線上讚美詩演奏課程。 目前, Jackson 與他的台灣妻子定居於台北市。自從搬到台灣,Jackson 在台灣神學院授課,並且也有舉行大師班、工作坊和私人授課。Jackson有時在高雄衞武營藝術中心表演,有時也在教會司琴禮拜。